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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big Brother 2013 Is On The Hunt - Fast Track Your Way To Audition

Big Brother 2013 Is On The Hunt - Fast Track Your Way To Audition:

Sound the horns! Hunting season is well and truly open with Big Brother ready to cast his all-seeing eye over Australia once again. No stone will be left unturned as he canvases every inch of the nation looking for Housemates for Australia’s hottest address: the Big Brother House.
After the success of the 2012 Housemate Hunt, Big Brother is touring the country to give everyone – and he means everyone - a chance to have face-time with the producers.

Post supplied by Dare 2 Audition at and An Australian service for aspiring actors and performers.

Congratulations - Caleb Cast in New Production "Holden Town"

Congratulations - Caleb Cast in New Production "Holden Town": "Caleb was scouted this week by the producer of a new production "Holden Town" directly from our talent search.  He was looking for someone Calebs age to play the brother of a role that is already cast and he contacted D2A to audition Caleb.  Filming in Sydney right now, which may lead to a bigger role in the TV series.  "

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Post supplied by Dare 2 Audition at and An Australian service for aspiring actors and performers.

Multicultural International Film Festival - Talk & Drink

Multicultural International Film Festival - Talk & Drink:

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Post supplied by Dare 2 Audition at and An Australian service for aspiring actors and performers.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Talent Search - What's Different?

If you would like to assist us with testing our new system, the first stage released as a beta (for testing) with the 2nd stage being released later this month, you should set up an account at We are still propagating the site with new career advice, courses, directory listings etc.

The first Stage
Allows all aspiring and profession directors, producers, performers, agents, directors, casting directors, industry professionals, photographers and acting schools to create a free account with photos and video profile. All talent profiles are then included in our talent search with contacts viewable by industry professionals and casting accounts. Ability to set your own privacy overrides the system. Acting schools and all professionals can easily add their events, shows, courses and screenings to our event management system. Creating a page with photo or logo and ability to add further photos and videos of their current running events. Answer questions and add their event to our beautiful event calendar module.

Automatic group membership based on user type and membership, so relevant information can be provided to that specific user group. example dancers will be notified of competitions, work, events with professionals providing career advice articles with Q & A ability. D2A Pro members are provided special deals, work opportunities that we are not advertising openly, exclusive career advice, sponsored workshops etc.

D2A~Networking will remain a free resource for anyone who joins now, as long as you login every 3 months, otherwise we cannot guarantee a free account indefinitely. No credit card or any payment info is required to be a D2A~Net member.

We have set stricter access to kids and teens on the site, with only certain user types having the ability to access. Although that is only after they have permission to contact, before that they can only view a photo and basic information. Only confirmed contacts can access under 15 year accounts with each account having its own access restrictions that override the system.

- will be replacing what we now provide on Dare2Audition, but with much more.

Our idea is to create a unique and useful resource for the whole industry. Creating more traffic allows us to then capitalize on advertising. Providing suitable goods, services or information that is relevant to our community. So as to keep the costs down for actors using our paid level of membership D2A~Professional.

In stage 1, this includes

Automating the system so that applications are submitted immediately, with notification and confirmation that members have been submitted immediately. With the ability to add a personal message to your applications, which I am sure many actors want to be able to utilize. Plus personal notifications and very soon sms for members who choose to use this feature for a minimal extra fee.

The benefit of Covering Letters: an actor out of state wants to apply for a TVC. They can record a video audition, with one click upload to their account, labelling the folder "my .... audition". Then in D2A_Pro creating a covering letter. Advising the casting director or producer that a video audition is located in their account for viewing. Without this variation to submission it would not be possible for this performer to apply. Stage 3 will allow you to record the audition from your account via webcam.

D2A Pro members will have access only to our industry contacts directory (temporary open to all) with contacts and information on who to contact each casting director. Acting schools allow reviews and feedback and bonus points will be given for leaving feedback, so other D2A~Pro members see the benefit of that course provider. Agents, photographers and other industry professionals also have this option.

Stage 3. Members currently gain points for adding photos, adding videos, applying for roles etc. In stage 3 the bonuses you gain for recommending new members, will give you 5% of any points they earn. Plus you will be able to use those points for membership discounts, workshops and real cash.

These are just some of the new features of Dare2Audition. We want your feedback, suggestions and advice. Please create your account at then register at the support desk and assist us with testing. You can join up using your facebook credentials via "facebook connect" on the 2nd row of our menu. Current subscribed members, click to upgrade to D2A Pro. choosing the trial and we will update the account to match your current account within 36 hours.

thanking you
Helen Edwards
Dare 2 Audition

Casting 45 x Females in TVC - Paid $2000 Each + 500 Extras

Casting 45 x Females in TVC - Paid $2000 Each + 500 Extras

Post supplied by Dare 2 Audition at An Australian owned and operated service for aspiring actors and performers.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You're Invited To Test Our New System & Create A Free Video Profile

Dare 2 Audition Talent and CastingPost supplied by Dare 2 Audition at An Australian owned and operated service for aspiring actors and performers.

Hello everyone,

We have finally got our new system up online and although we have tested the system ourselves, we want you to test and use the system thoroughly.   Click the "subscribe" or "membership" links to join up as a D2A~Net member, creating your profile for our talent search.  Collect the email sent to confirm your account and login.  Add up to 4 photos and a video profile, totally free as a D2A~Net member.

Any current subscribed members (bronze, silver or gold) should let us know of the new account set up, via "ask us".  Make sure you provide your current nickname, phone and full name, and look out for an email  advising you've been upgraded.

Log any issues, including grammar and spelling mistakes, links that don't work, pages that don't have links to get back to your account, etc.  Add details to our Support Desk.

There is a link "ask us" if you need help.   To advise errors,  go to the link on the main menu "support desk" you will see a link on the menu bar, "new".   and post to a relevant area.  This way we can easily track your points which are awarded for assisting us with testing.

You are awarded points for everything you do on the site and accumulated points can be used to increase your D2A~Pro points, membership discounts, discounts for workshops and demo reels, workshop auctions and more.

Our new system has only 2 different access levels, D2A~Net and D2A~Pro.

D2A~Net includes a profile with 4 photos for our talent search, a video profile and access to auditions posted in the "general actors", "kids & Teens", "dance", "D2A Pro" groups. With up to date classes and course schedules, industry news, career advice information.

D2A~Pro includes 20 high res photos, 6 videos, 4 audio demos, 2 resumes with embed showreel and access to our easy submission and casting system with instant notification that you've been submitted. Set personal notifications for jobs you're looking for, and lots more to come. Accesss a comprehensive up to date directory of casting directors, agents, production companies, with tips on how to contact and submit your CV to that professional. You will also have access to exclusive career advice Q & A sessions with many top casting directors and producers.

The new system has 3 stages with the 1st stage already released. The 2nd stage includes unique webpage within our system for you and sms notification when matched jobs are posted. Plus a video and image editor,

Dare 2 Audition
Talent and Casting System

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Video Resume & Marketing on our Casting Home Page

Subscribe to this blog TO GAIN YOUR FREE VIDEO RESUME & ACCOUNT when we launch D2A~Net

If you subscribe to this blog before we go live, you will gain a free account with video resume, 4 photos and inclusion in our talent search, promotion on the casting page and access to auditions posted to the general actors group.  This will be free always as long as you use the account and login every 3 months you can have this as a free service.  Its a use it or lose it basis.   We may not offer this once we  officially launch so take advantage of this offer now.  By following we can then inform you when you can set up your free account.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Format Dare 2 Audition - What Is Changing? Why?


We are releasing a new format this year with the new system currently in development.   A beta will be released next month on an alternative url (not yet accessible) so we can allow a limited amount of visitors and members to use and test the new format before it is released into production and available online.

This is  huge move as most established businesses will not risk the change when the current format and site is working well and growing. They usually just add a new look to the old system.  However, we want to provide more for our members and the industry, and need an easy to use system to do this.   Plus, we are growing faster than our current system & staff can manage.  So 16 hour days x 6 days a week have become the norm.   

D2A was never designed as a casting system, so some operations are very labour intensive and require staff to perform functions that should be automatic.  We were initially set up as an industry news and information site, so the infrastructure must change before we get too big and change is impossible,

Sign up for Beta Testing

We want you to advise you and your friends to sign up for our beta testing by subscribing to this blog or clicking "like" on our facebook page.  This way we can easily notify you when we are ready for you to set up your testing account..   We need both members and registered users (non members) to test the system.