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Applying to audition?

What is the process of applying to audition?

A casting call will be listed, with breakdowns of each role casting.  The actors at
Dare 2 Audition or via their agent or other service, will submit their headshot and CV with personal attributes, experience, training, links to their video show reels, and their agent or their own contact details. 
Some producers now days want to view a video of experience and the link to the video also needs to be added to the CV.  Never email videos, the file size is way too big and this will not create a positive response.

Many producers are using video's to audition and shortlist actors.  Providing an audition scene (slide) for each role, with instructions to video and submit the link to the video, for consideration.  This allows actors from other locations audition, without the cost of airfares, until they receive a call back, and confirm the interest in that actor for the role.

If Not Suitable

You will not hear back.  This is the nature of the business, agents submit their actors to many casting directors and producers, without receiving any feedback or response.

Casting directors for big budget productions or TV series may receive thousands of applications, so they are not able to reply, if you are not suitable.  Its a numbers game, even for experienced actors.  If you submit to a big budget production, then the chance of being called to audition is much smaller.  You and your agent, need to keep submiting your headshot and CV to them, just be realistic. They do not have the manpower to personally contact all the actors that apply and are not suitable.

If you are not called, its simply due to not fitting the role they are casting for.

If Suitable

If they are interested, then they will call you, and many actors will be called in to audition.  From there they will have a "callback" of actors, that they have narrowed down for the role. You will get a chance in front of the casting director and possibly the producer a second time.  For big budget USA productions there can be 3 or 4 call backs with the casting director, producer, writers etc.

A few days before the audition you will be given a side, or audition scene, to learn or go through before the audition. At times a 'cold read' is requested, without any time to learn the script.  This is common in the USA and experienced actors have this skill down pat.

Try to be prepared, if possible, ask about the film, the script, the role, when you get your few mins with the casting director.

Helen Edwards
Casting Coordinator
Dare 2 Audition