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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Format Dare 2 Audition - What Is Changing? Why?


We are releasing a new format this year with the new system currently in development.   A beta will be released next month on an alternative url (not yet accessible) so we can allow a limited amount of visitors and members to use and test the new format before it is released into production and available online.

This is  huge move as most established businesses will not risk the change when the current format and site is working well and growing. They usually just add a new look to the old system.  However, we want to provide more for our members and the industry, and need an easy to use system to do this.   Plus, we are growing faster than our current system & staff can manage.  So 16 hour days x 6 days a week have become the norm.   

D2A was never designed as a casting system, so some operations are very labour intensive and require staff to perform functions that should be automatic.  We were initially set up as an industry news and information site, so the infrastructure must change before we get too big and change is impossible,

Sign up for Beta Testing

We want you to advise you and your friends to sign up for our beta testing by subscribing to this blog or clicking "like" on our facebook page.  This way we can easily notify you when we are ready for you to set up your testing account..   We need both members and registered users (non members) to test the system.  

Bonus - Free Video Resume & Account

You will be given a free live account and video resume for assisting us with testing.  All testers will be promoted on the casting home page for a period of time when we go live.  You will be viewed by producers, directors and agents or anyone submitting their casting requirements.

Plus Bonus Credits

You can also gain bonuses for advising of any errors, glitches etc.  We will award you bonus credits which can be used to buy acting books & programs, workshop & headshot discounts, profile apps to enhance your profile, marketing opportunities and lots more.  

Industry Professionals Directory & Course Ratings

The new system is fantastic and will be the only Aussie system of its kind.  It has been designed after researching for 2 years.  We learnt what was missing in the industry.   It includes a very comprehensive online Industry Professionals Directory.   Plus a courses and classes section at the centre of the new system. You will be able to ask course providers questions about their course or workshop, directly from the site.  We will be encouraging our members to rate course providers and their courses.  So other actors can see the feedback.  It allows you to rate the event.

Career Advice Section

We have 3 casting directors, 2 agents, a film producer & director, an industry photographer and an industry psychologist that have already committed to write and manage career advice blogs, exclusively for our career advice section.  With Q & A ability for full members.

Photos, Mp3 audio and Videos

Lots more photos displayed in a sexy image viewer, a video resume, 5 videos to show case your work, 2 x audio demo reel uploads.   More for musicians and the ability to change them as you please, without any costs.   Video upload accepted from most video hosting sites and members can store their videos privately on our dedicated servers.  Photos are accepted up to 8mb each and you can upload them all at once, very quickly.

Our Facebook App

When you apply for a job, add a new video, add new photos etc. at Dare 2 Audition, it will then also update your facebook page with this information.

example:  I applied for a feature film casting in Brisbane on 24/3 at D2A

A simple Facebook app will be available and added to your facebook account to allow it to link to your D2A profile.

Talent Casting and Notifications

Members not being notified, that they are unsuccessful when they apply to audition, was something that bugged us.  To address this issue, our new system advises the casting person as soon as you apply.  They then click the link in the notification and can view your application immediately online.  They can ask you questions or book an audition time, send you scripts, forms or anything else.   If you're not suitable they must advise this before they can go to the next application.   Its easy, they just click a button and it then allows the system to send you a message, so you're not hanging on waiting.  Plus you can then be sure that they have received your application.  The casting person can save your profile as a favourite,  if they have you in mind for an alternative role.


Plus anyone who recommends new members will get a cash bonus, with details of our recommendation system explained in our comprehensive knowledge base and faq's.  These are part of our new customer support desk.

And all of this is just to begin with. 

There are 3 stages to our new system,   allowing us to expand and grow and to tackle any of the failings of online casting.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, by leaving a message in the comment section below.

Let us know if you want to be part of our test phase,  by clicking "follow" on the right side of the blog.  That way we are able to inform you when our beta is online..  


Helen Edwards
Dare 2 Audition