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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You're Invited To Test Our New System & Create A Free Video Profile

Dare 2 Audition Talent and CastingPost supplied by Dare 2 Audition at An Australian owned and operated service for aspiring actors and performers.

Hello everyone,

We have finally got our new system up online and although we have tested the system ourselves, we want you to test and use the system thoroughly.   Click the "subscribe" or "membership" links to join up as a D2A~Net member, creating your profile for our talent search.  Collect the email sent to confirm your account and login.  Add up to 4 photos and a video profile, totally free as a D2A~Net member.

Any current subscribed members (bronze, silver or gold) should let us know of the new account set up, via "ask us".  Make sure you provide your current nickname, phone and full name, and look out for an email  advising you've been upgraded.

Log any issues, including grammar and spelling mistakes, links that don't work, pages that don't have links to get back to your account, etc.  Add details to our Support Desk.

There is a link "ask us" if you need help.   To advise errors,  go to the link on the main menu "support desk" you will see a link on the menu bar, "new".   and post to a relevant area.  This way we can easily track your points which are awarded for assisting us with testing.

You are awarded points for everything you do on the site and accumulated points can be used to increase your D2A~Pro points, membership discounts, discounts for workshops and demo reels, workshop auctions and more.

Our new system has only 2 different access levels, D2A~Net and D2A~Pro.

D2A~Net includes a profile with 4 photos for our talent search, a video profile and access to auditions posted in the "general actors", "kids & Teens", "dance", "D2A Pro" groups. With up to date classes and course schedules, industry news, career advice information.

D2A~Pro includes 20 high res photos, 6 videos, 4 audio demos, 2 resumes with embed showreel and access to our easy submission and casting system with instant notification that you've been submitted. Set personal notifications for jobs you're looking for, and lots more to come. Accesss a comprehensive up to date directory of casting directors, agents, production companies, with tips on how to contact and submit your CV to that professional. You will also have access to exclusive career advice Q & A sessions with many top casting directors and producers.

The new system has 3 stages with the 1st stage already released. The 2nd stage includes unique webpage within our system for you and sms notification when matched jobs are posted. Plus a video and image editor,

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